The Millionth Spotty Dress of 2011

How many polka dot dresses does one girl need? Well, if you are me, about a million! Before Christmas I started a new mid-1790s white gown. My old one is covered in brown stains, the casualty of a leak in my costume closet (but thankfully one of the few casualties), so it was time for a new one! This time I picked a spotted cotton from the stash that I had originally earmarked for a summer bustle gown. The fabric has raised dots but I choose to use the back side for a more subtle look.

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Pink and Cream Mitts
Now that the holiday madness is over, I can get back to talking about sewing! Earlier this month I finished another pair of 18th century mitts, this time made with cream silk satin and decorated with light pink embroidery.

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Cream Spotty Bodice and Peplum Construction
Here are some construction details and more pictures!

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Cream Early Bustle Underskirt and More Project Plans
Here are some individual pictures of the underskirt for my cream spotty outfit, complete with cat!

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Cream Spotty Outfit
I haven’t posted the progress here, but my cream spotty outfit is nearly finished!

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Brown 18th Century Mitts
I'm century hopping again! A couple of weeks ago I got the urge to make a pair of 18th century mitts. I've always wanted a pair, but have been slightly intimidated by them for some reason. However, I have a winter 18th century event coming up so it seemed like the perfect time to face my mitt fears. I want to stay warm!

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Victorian Naturalist Jewelry
Ok, let’s talk Victorian Naturalist jewelry. I have a few pieces I've collected over the past year which will work perfectly for my outfit.

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