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Victorian Naturalist Jewelry

Ok, let’s talk Victorian Naturalist jewelry. I have a few pieces I've collected over the past year which will work perfectly for my outfit.

This is the brooch that started it all! Lots of things actually inspired me for this outfit, but when I bought this brooch a couple of years ago, it seemed like something an amateur naturalist would wear – a Victorian lady with a genteel interest in botany. The brooch is carved bog oak (according to the eBay auction) with a central motif of a fern surrounded by shamrocks. I don’t know enough about antique jewelry to say if its bog oak for sure, but is a type of wood – its super light and the back is hollow; also, you can see the grain on the back of the brooch. It’s rather large, so I plan to wear it on my sash.


Next, I have a lovely gold bracelet Nate bought me for my birthday last year. I didn’t get it with this outfit in mind, but it seems perfect. It’s an Etruscan-style tube bracelet that wraps around the wrist and, according to the eBay seller, dates from the 1870s-80s. (Again, I always take the dates the seller provides with a grain of salt unless there is a hallmark or some other kind of provenance.) The finials on the ends of the bracelet look like acorns and have a slight green tint, and the center piece is engraved with some sort of botanical motif.

Finally, I have two Victorian agate brooches I could wear.  The first is a diamond shaped silver brooch with inlayed blue agate and a little carved flower detail. It’s a delicate little brooch and might look very nice with my outfit. I also have a green moss agate brooch with carved marcasite detailing. I love the delicate veined look of the agate, but I don’t know if the green with clash with the outfit. Either way, it is nice to have options for this outfit. If I don’t like either agate, I still have lots of other silver brooches engraved with birds, butterflies, and flowers. 

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