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Cream Early Bustle Underskirt and More Project Plans

Here are some individual pictures of the underskirt for my cream spotty outfit, complete with cat!

The underskirt is cream silk taffeta, flat lined in cream polished cotton. The seams are sewn on the machine and simply pinked to prevent fraying. The hem is turned up twice and hand sewn with a hemming stitch.

I used the same pattern as my Victorian naturalist skirt, using the pattern on page 28-29 of Patterns of Fashion 2 by Janet Arnold as a guide. The skirt is 6 panels with 5 gored pieces and a full width of fabric for the center back piece. The skirt is knife pleated on the sided and the center back panel is gathered. It’s attached to a waistband that is one layer of silk and one of polished cotton. The skirt opens at the side and the opening is hidden by the pleat.

I planned to add a ruffle or two to the hem, but I’m out of fabric. I had a ruffle cut out and even hemmed by hand, but somehow I miscalculated and it’s much too short! So now my options are to either leave the ruffle off or buy more fabric.

To justify buying the cream silk for the underskirt and trimmings, I decided I want this skirt to do double duty. I had a cream and blue floral striped silk in the stash and coordinating blue velvet that will be perfect for another early bustle dress! I haven’t decided the exact style yet, but I’m thinking either a polonaise or maybe a Watteau backed over gown. I plan to wear the Victorian naturalist outfit to Costume College next year, so it only makes sense to wear the cream spotty outfit and the blue floral stripe too. Same undies and same underskirt means less luggage I have to haul across the country!


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