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Pink and Cream Mitts

Now that the holiday madness is over, I can get back to talking about sewing! Earlier this month I finished another pair of 18th century mitts, this time made with cream silk satin and decorated with light pink embroidery.

The mitts are constructed in the same way as my previous brown pair. The lining (white linen) and outer fabric (cream silk) are sewn separately using a spaced backstitch. The lining is then inserted into the main piece and the two fabrics are turned under and edge stitched together. The points are lined in pale pink taffeta and I decorated the mitts with pink silk embroidery in a herringbone stitch.

I thought about including a cut out with embroidery around the wrist, like the original, but I didnt fit the muslin with this feature. Since I was overexcited and cut both the brown and cream mitts out at the same time, and I didnt have enough fabric to recut, I didnt want to risk ruining this pair. So, I will just have to live with a little bagginess around the wrist.


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