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Italian Nightgown Progress

Progress on my new 1780s Italian nightgown has been steady but slow. We are in the middle of remodeling our kitchen, plus I decided to hand sew the entire thing, meaning I have very little to show for the past month.  But the dress is coming together beautifully, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

This project has been such a fun experiment! The divided bum roll makes such a dramatic silhouette and really emphasizes the skirt pleats and curved back seams. When I started pleating and attaching the skirt to the bodice over the new rump so much about the construction on extant gowns clicked!  It suddenly made sense why the skirt was shaped and pleated to curve around the sides but meet in the center. Really, it was another light bulb moment. (This project is full of them, it seems.)

Now I just have sleeves and trim left to add before the party in 3 weeks. I’m also hoping to make some new accessories, including a new poufy cap and maybe a new wig, and I need to tweak my riding habit slightly before I wear it again. The front armscythes are way too tight and I would like to eat and move comfortably in this outfit.

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