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New York, New York

At the beginning of July, my husband and I headed north for a whirlwind weekend in New York City. The trip was originally planned to visit with my brother-in-law, who was going to give us a tour of the city, but because of unforeseen circumstances my husband and I ended up on our own. It all worked out in the end as this left more room for fabric shopping. :)

The first day of our trip was spent sightseeing and recovering from our travels. We went to the top of the Empire State Building, walked around the city a bit, and took a nice long nap. It was a very low-key way to start our first visit to NYC.

The next day, however, was the highlight of the trip. I was lucky enough to meet up with my friend Leia of WearWhenWhy who showed me around the fabric district and more! I of course had to get my picture with the garment worker statue. Leia took me to some of her favorite fabric shops and we had a blast just browsing and chatting about costumes. I wasn’t in the marked for much but I ended up with some silk crepe for a set of 20s undies and a silk print from Mood Fabrics for a blouse. Later I also stopped by M&J Trimmings and couldn’t resist getting a couple yards of silk ribbon.

(My spoils, taken once we returned home.)

After fabric shopping, we headed to The Frick Collection, taking the scenic route through Central Park. The Frick is full of amazing portraits and furniture, and the house itself is a work of art. Sadly they don’t allow pictures so I can’t share all the fantastic 18th century eye-candy.  I highly recommend a stop there if you are ever in NYC.


The next stop was Laduree for macarons, which was conveniently located just around the corner from the Frick, followed by drinks and more costume scheming. We finished the afternoon off with a brief walking tour of the city and some delicious pizza for dinner. It was a perfect costumer’s day out.


Sunday, my husband and I headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met is huge! We spent all wondering around and still didn’t see everything. They did have a few familiar 18th century portraits, but my favorite part of the museum was all the period rooms they had set up throughout. My personal favorite was Marie Antoinette’s sitting room. Can’t you just picture yourself in 18th century costume lounging around eating pastries and gossiping? I can!


Monday it was time to head home! We had a late afternoon flight, so we made a quick stop at the Modern Museum of Art before heading to the airport. My husband is a big Van Gogh and Dali fan so we couldn’t leave NYC before seeing Starry Night and The Persistence of Memory. Also, the MOMA has a few lovely works by Monet, so I was happy too. Over all it was a fun, if tiring trip!

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