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Accepting Imperfection

With the event less than a week away I’ve finished my new striped dress, including the dreaded sleevils, but the accessories and habit revamp haven’t gone according to plan.

First I cut the cap too large and then I trimmed it down too far and it was too small. So frustrating and such a sad waste of beautiful silk! (Although, I can reuse it for something later.) Then when I attempted to fix the armscythes on my habit, I realized it would require me to recut the entire front of the jacket, and I just don’t have time or inclination for that. I almost started trying to style a new wig for myself, but I know better than to try hair in a frazzled state. It’s my nemesis at the best of times and I would probably destroy the wig if I was on a deadline.

So I’m accepting my imperfections – the wrinkles on my new dress bodice, the T-Rex arms on my riding habit, wearing my old wig, and no new cap. I could spend the next week frantically trying to fix everything and maybe show up with a perfect outfit, or I could just embrace the flaws and arrive relatively stress free. It’s a bit lazy, I know, but I have to remind myself sometime imperfection is ok. There is too much stress and pressure in real life; I don’t need to give myself more. So  I’m going to go to the event, have a great time with friends I see only once or twice a year, and feel like a pretty princess. And that is good enough.

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