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October Outerwear, Part 2

Obviously, one new cloak isn't enough!

I'm currently working a copy of the pelisse from this portrait using cream figured taffeta trimmed with chocolate brown silk velvet :

Mrs. Bootle by George Romney (1781), National Gallery of Scotland (via WikiGallery)

I used the pattern and instructions from the 1780 L'art du Tailleur  (courtesy of as a guide to make the pelisse. I started with 3 widths of fabric, which was the approximate measurement given for the body in the instructions. However, I found this to be way too much fabric for my frame. Clearly this style is meant to be full, but I felt like I was being swallowed by the cloak. I took out one panel and the effect was much nicer.

Here is the pelisse in its current state. It doesn't look like much at the moment, but I have high hopes for the finished product. Originally, I had planned to leave the body of the pelisse unlined, but I'm worried it won't be warm enough. I don't need a heavy cloak but if it's even a little chilly, I will freeze with just one layer of taffeta. What's the point of a cloak that doesn't keep you warm? I plan to interline it in cotton flannel and then line it in cream silk like the hood. Now I just have to wait for my lining fabric to arrive!

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