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October Outerwear, Part 1

Fall is here, and with it chilly weather, so naturally my thoughts have been turning to warm clothing. In my current wardrobe, I have my teal silk mantle, but that’s not good for rain, and a cardinal red wool cloak that clashes with all my outfits.  Clearly I need some new outerwear for my upcoming trip to Wiliamsburg in March.


Ever practical, I decided to make a new wool cloak first, in a neutral color that would go with all my outfits. Using the pattern in Costume Close-Up as my guide I made this cloak from a lovely bronze wool/silk blend satin. The fabric is soft and smooth like silk, but still nice and warm like wool. I lined the hood in chocolate brown silk and added pink ribbon ties for fun. The cloak closes with hook and eye under the ribbon. The cloak is machine sewn with hand finishing.

I also made a new muff base with the first of many removable muff covers. The muff itself is simple linen tube stuffed with fiber-fill and the first cover is dusty pink silk satin with ruched bands on each end. The cover is a rectangle of fabric with a channel sewn on each side. The decoration is sewn on and then the two ends are joined to form a tube. I ran a silk ribbon through the channels and once the cover its sliped on the muff, the sides are gathered to make a smooth fit. I was inspired by several costumer's muffs I've seen around the internet and in person, and I used the description from A Fashionable Frolick to help me figure out the construction.

As you can see, it coordinates nicely with my new cloak!

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