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Victorian Naturalist Accessories: Specimen Jars and Spyglass

The next few accessories I have to show you aren’t antique, but they were so perfect for my naturalist costume that I couldn’t pass them up.

First, we have a set of specimen jars in two different sizes. I knew I wanted some jars to carry around with me, some with samples and some empty to use to collect samples while I was wearing the costume. I looked for antique ones on eBay but couldn’t find anything that wasn’t a) ridiculously expensive or b) just plain gross. Apparently, however, specimen jars with cork stoppers are a popular decorative or favor item and I found a set of 10 of each size for super cheap. I think they are perfect! I’m not sure what I’m going to fill them with yet, but I couldn’t pass them up.

Next we have a brass spyglass. In one of the fashion plates I used for inspiration, the woman is using a spyglass and I just couldn’t get that image out of my head. What says adventure more than I spyglass, I ask you?

So again, I turned to eBay, and again every antique spyglass would blow my budget. But I found a ton of reproduction ones and ending up buying a mini one for about 10 bucks with free shipping. The spyglass is only about 4 inches long, the perfect size for my field bag, and actually works. I was afraid for that price it would be just for show.

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