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And the CADD Continues - New Spotty Bodice

So we switch from the 18th century to the 19th! I told you the CADD was running rampant around here. I was inspired to start on a new bodice for my spotty dress. I had a little over a yard left of the spotted silk and while I love the original dress, I just dont enjoy things around my neck like that. Plus, I love the idea of having multiple bodices for the same skirts. Its very economical. ;)

So with that in mind I started looking for inspiration for my new bodice. I'm going for a slightly earlier look. My original plan was for a basque bodice with tails cut in one with the  back. However, I dont have enough fabric to cut the long front and back pieces. So instead I'm going for a bodice that ends at the waist and then I'm going to make a separate belt with front and back tails much like this dress:

(I have no idea where I got this image - I saved it so long ago. Bad Me!)

I also love the little bows and cream accents. I plan to have a square neckline and trim the bodice and sleeves in cream, to pick up the cream in the polka dots.

In theory I could wear this with the blue underskirt I already have, but I only have tiny scraps left of the blue so I cant bring much into the bodice trimming. What I really want is to make a new cream underskirt and end up with something like this:

(Images from Kent State University)

I really want the whole dress, but since I'm on a fabric diet (I know I keep falling off the wagon) I'm going to try to be contented with using the blue spotted silk instead of the teal. I want to trim the underskirt in cream so that way I can use it for other outfits, or maybe make the above dress one day. I'm all about mix and match!

So far the all the pieces for the bodice and sleeves have been cut out and I hope to start on assembly either today or tomorrow. I've got to strike while I'm still inspired!

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