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Stocking My Summer Wardrobe

In keeping with the theme of getting myself ready for Costume College, my modern summer wardrobe with in desperate need of an update. I have very little that actually fits anymore, so I buckled down and made myself some cute new dresses (and a skirt).

I'm really a hippie at heart and the first thing I needed to make was a new maxi dress. I've come to love this style, especially for wearing around the house. They are so comfortable! I based the pattern off of a vintage 70s dress of my mom's. Its one of my favorite pieces of clothing and I've worn it to death. The straps are fraying, the zippers broken, and I doubt I will be able to wear for much longer. Saddness! Obviously, a new dress was in order.

The dress is made from a teal cotton ikat and the bodice is self-lined.Originally, I had this fabric marked for something historical. I even started a 1780s dress with it, but I wasnt happy with the progress so I dropped the project and ended up having just enough fabric to make this dress instead. I still have a little bit left if I ever want to go back to the 1780s dress and turn it into a jacket. 

I've already gotten tons of wear out of it and I have a feeling it will be perfect for lounging by the pool on Sunday evening at Costume College.

Using the same pattern and more abandoned project fabric, I also made a short sun dress. This fabric was from my failed 20s dress last summer. I had barely enough to make the dress (hence the short skirt), but I was glad not to have wasted all that fabric. Its not as practical as a maxi dress, but it will be great for those hot, humid days later this summer.

Part 2 to come!

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