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Planning Ahead

Since I really don't need to make anything new for Costume College this year, and I have no other events planned for the rest of the year, I've decided to just follow my muse and make what I'm currently inspired by – late 1790s and early 1800s!

First up is an off-white wrap front dress, mainly inspired by this portrait:

Jane Elizabeth, Countess of Oxford by John Hoppner, 1797, Tate Collections

I’ve wanted to make this dress for years and I think now is the time. I have some lovely creamy white silk cotton voile in my stash that will be perfect for it.

I also want to decorate a dress like this portrait:

Condesa de Chinchon  by Goya, 1800, Wikimedia Commons

I absolutely adore the hem and sleeve design on this dress! I’m not 100% but I may combine the two ideas, making a wrap front dress with a decorated hem and sleeves. At the moment I’m thinking appliqued ribbon would work, but embroidery might be nice as well. I have to let the ideas marinate a bit more before I make a final decision.

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