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Not One, But Two New Coral Necklaces!

I’ve always wanted a coral necklace to wear with my 18th century and Regency costumes. I blame Felicity. American Girl fans will understand that Pleasant Company has a lot to answer for!

Since my original wardrobe plan for Dress U was to rewear some 1790s outfits I made previously, I thought it was high time to make my necklaces. I didn’t end up wearing the dresses, but the necklaces did get made.

First I made a double strand of the traditional red coral. I love the bright pop of color it gives, and can see myself wearing this with modern clothes. Each strand is hand knotted and it closes in back with a silver box clasp.

Red coral doesn’t go with a lot of my costumes, so I decided to make myself a pink one as well. I’m not sure how period correct pink coral is, but I really love the color. Again, the necklace is hand knotted and closes with a silver clasp.

Now to work on some more 1790s outfits to wear with them!

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