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Because We All Need More Purses in Our Lives

And continuing with the catch-up post theme, here is a little reticule I made recently. When I was still planning to wear 1790s to Dress U, I decided I needed a proper purse to hold all my crap. At the time, I only had one brown velvet reticule to use at events, and without the advantage of 18th century pockets, you really need a place to stash things like your cell phone, camera, money, etc.

I was inspired to make a three sided reticule by this post from A Fashionable Frolic. The pattern comes from The American Girl's Book; Or, Occupation for Play Hours, originally published in 1831. It’s a little later than most of my outfits, but I’ve seen similar shapes in earlier fashion plates. I did make mine slightly wider and bigger to accommodate my camera.

My purse is made of a beautiful blue green silk satin (left over from my Aesthetic gown) and lined in pink silk taffeta. I finished the bag with self-fabric piping, pink silk ribbon, and little tassels I made from embroidery floss. Overall, it was a quick, fun project and I loved using it at Dress U despite the fact that it didn’t go with my 18th century gowns.

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