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2015 Plans

I’ve been scheming about my travel and costume plans lately, and 2015 looks like it’s going to be a good year. I don’t have too many costume trips planned this year, but I’ve got some other fun travel to look forward to. My husband and I will be taking a Caribbean vacation this spring for our anniversary and then I (hopefully!) have a trip to England in the works for August.

2015 will include fun things like menswear and cats. Always cats. 

I did buy my ticket for the upcoming Francaise Dinner this weekend and I’m very excited to have my first costume event of the year lined up. I’ve decided not to make anything new but, instead, to wear my chocolate brocade francaise again. I know I wore it three times last year but I don’t care. It’s one of my favorite costumes and I need to get over the idea that every event needs something new. I also have tons of accessories I can pair with it. I have my aqua short cloak if it’s chilly, and if it’s really cold I can wear my cream pelisse, not to mention various muffs, mitts, and gloves I can wear.

As for actual sewing plans, I have some exciting (to me at least) things in the works. I’m hosting my first costume party this June (eep!) and I’m planning a 1795-1800 wardrobe for myself and an evening suit for my husband. Yes! I’m finally tackling menswear and it’s pretty darn exciting! It will also be a lot of work since I will be starting from scratch, but I’m looking forward to the challenge. Currently, I’m working on an embroidered evening gown and have plans to make a new day dress, as well as a morning wrapper and cap. I’d also really like to make a pair of short, transitional stays before I start anything else for myself.

With all the other trips I have planned, I’m not sure I can make it to Costume College this year. It’s disappointing since the theme so perfectly fits with my interests and I’ve already had several amazing literary costume ideas. I haven’t given up hope entirely, but I’m trying to stay realistic. Besides, I can’t really be too sad when I have the thought of a tropical beach vacation and a trip to England ahead of me!
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