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The Start of Something Fluffy

So my posting resolution wasnt quite successful, but we will pretend that Sunday still counts last week, ok?

One of the best parts about my upcoming visit to Williamsburg (are you sick of hearing about this yet?), is the fact that the trip just happens to coincide with my birthday. Obviously, this is the perfect excuse to have an 18th century birthday party and more importantly, a new birthday dress!

The plan is for an aqua silk satin dress with cream silk taffeta petticoat, accented with a rose striped sash. My main ispiration is this portrait of Marie Antoinette and her children, though I'm not making an exact recreation.

The petticoat and sash are finished and now its time to move on to the dress!

Posted: 2/17/2013 12:15:59 PM by Aubry | with comments
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