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Sarah Juniper Shoes

This week I received a belated Christmas present - a pair of silk Sarah Juniper shoes!

My main inspiration for the shoes was this pair from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (c. 1775-1785).

I was impractical and choose a bright blue silk taffeta for the main fabric with contrasting binding and white leather heel. I'm pleased with the shoes but there are a few things I wish were different. First, the heel should be narrower, like the inspiration, and the latches should come down lower on the vamp. Having the toe box so long puts these shoes a little earlier in the 1700s than I would like. I was hoping for a more definitely 1780s style shoe. But I'm not a strict reenactor so I'm not letting it bother me. Also, there is some wrinkling on the shoe, particularly around the toe, but this may just be a side effect of using silk taffeta. Finally, the shoes are a bit big around the sides and top of my foot. The sole fits perfectly, but I will have to keep the buckles very tight to hold the rest of the shoe down.

Shown with the American Duchess repro paste buckles.

Overall, they are very well-made and comfortable pair of shoes. They were very pricey, but short of making your own, they are a good option for a custom shoe. Next I need to learn to make shoes without using leather.

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