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Making the Rose Francaise, Part 5

Now for the final installment of my rose francaise construction posts.

I wore this gown last weekend but didn’t get any solo shots of myself so I put the dress on my new form to take some better pictures.


The dress is trimmed with a 2.5 inch strip of scalloped-pinked taffeta along the robings and front skirt edges. I also added a 5 inch piece trim in wave pattern on the skirt, starting at the waist and angling out towards the hem. All the trim was gathered by hand using whip-gathers and stitched down with a running stitch.




The final touch was a set of lace sleeve ruffles. I found a beautiful piece of vintage embroidered net online, but it was only 4 inches wide. To lengthen the inner ruffle, I whipped stitched the lace to some silk tulle and hid the join under the top ruffle. The ruffles were then gathered and the raw edges encased in a band of cotton lawn. The ruffles were basted into the sleeves using a running stitch.


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