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Moving On – The Italian Nightgown

With Costume College over, it’s time to start prepping for my next event.

In October I will be attending an 18th century weekend party. Because it’s a multipart event, I will need a full wardrobe – a breakfast/lounging outfit, something to wear for an outdoor picnic, and an evening dress. I have plenty of ideas for new dresses for each change, but I’m trying to stay practical and realistic so I will only be making one new outfit (unless I magically end up with a lot of extra free time in the coming months). I’ll wear my brocade banyan for breakfast, maybe with a new pair of jumps so I don’t have to wear a corset first thing in the morning, and for the picnic my blue-green riding habit will be just right. That just leaves me with something new and shiny to make for the evening party.

The dress code for the party is 1780s, meaning it’s the perfect opportunity to try an idea that has been floating around in my head for months. I have some blue pinstripe silk taffeta in my stash that will make a lovely late 1780s evening gown with curved back seams, a long center back point, and a dramatically dived false rump. I made a Pinterest board (because that’s what I do), but one of my biggest inspirations is the green striped dress in this portrait.  I love the three-quarter length sleeves and the overall silhouette.

I plan to accessorize the dress with a peridot parure (from Dames a la Mode), some green bows, and a new sheer poufy cap thing ™. I even found navy and gold dot silk organza that will make a wonderful accent for the cap! 
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