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Costume College - Sunday

Sunday of Costume College I had no morning classes so I took the opportunity to sleep in and lounge around in my pjs for a while . I was exhausted from all the fun I had at the Gala the night before and the strain of travel was starting to catch up with me.

Eventually, I did get dressed in my new block print regency dress. I accessorized it with a green cashmere shawl (because I freeze in air conditioning), an aquamarine necklace that I knotted, a reticule (more on that later), and cream Robert Land slippers.



As you may have guessed, I was super lazy about classed on Sunday and only ended up going to Kendra's 18th century hair class. Despite some technical difficulties, I found it very interesting and it got me even more excited for her upcoming book! I feel like a dunce when it comes to hair, so I appreciate any help I can get.

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Block Print Bib-front Gown