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Costume College Saturday: Fantasy Roman Loungewear

During the day on Saturday, a group of dressed up in fantasy Roman Loungewear. The idea was to have a comfy costume to lounge in by the pool. It didn’t have to be historically accurate, just fabulous!

Despite the fact that it was right before Costume College and I had several other projects on my plate, I couldn’t resist joining in on the project. I found the length of green silk and sparkly trim in my stash and a few hours later, I had a costume.

I played with the fabric on the dress form, draping it until I had something that looked vaguely Roman/Greek. The fabric is tacked at the shoulders and then pleated at both the front and back waist. The belt, made from strips of trim basted together, give the whole outfit structure. I also made a simple slip from the left over green fabric to wear under the dress.

Once I had the outfit together, it seemed very Flora to me, so I continued that theme with the accessories. I’m wearing little crystal floral sprigs in my hair, a leaf arm band, a reproduction Roman necklace and matching bracelet, as well as some cheap strappy gold sandals.

Overall the outfit is incredibly comfortable and makes me feel fabulous. Mission accomplished!

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