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A 20s Day at the Beach

Continuing the Costume College recap…
The day after our trip to the Huntington Library, we decided to head to the beach – in 20s bathing suits, of course!

My bathing suit is made from silk jersey and trimmed with the leftover fabric from my 20s robe lining.  I based my bathing suit off of this picture and simply used a tank top and circle skirt pattern to make the pattern. Honestly, the whole project was an experiment. I never worked with a knit before and was rather intimidated by them, but happily it turned out well.



For accessories, I have my vintage parasol and simple canvas ballet flats. Unfortunately the flats were trashed from the sand and water, but its a small price to pay for such a fun day at the beach!

(I was unprepared for how cold the Pacific Ocean is.)

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