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The Finished Habit

Here is the first in a long serious of Williamsburg outfit posts. I'm sure you will be sick to death of seeing me by the end - sorry in advance! To start we have the finished 1790 riding habit:


Despite my feeling a little lukewarm about the jacket as I made it, the habit ended up being one of my favorite outfits of the week. It’s hard not to feel fabulous with big hair, big hat, and a big rump! ;)

The hat base was made by the fabulous Jenny-Rose from buckram and cotton velvet, and the bottom of the brim is lined in gathered cream silk. She really outdid herself!  The base is beautifully finished and constructed. I’m glad I commissioned her to make it since she did a much better job than I ever could. I then trimmed the hat with aqua moire ribbon, an antique paste buckle and lots of white feathers.

With a big hat, I knew I needed big hair, and Sara was kind enough to style a hedgehog wig for me. This was my first time wearing a full wig and I must admit I have a new found respect for those who wear them on a regular basis. I was constantly scratching my head the entire time I was wearing it and ended the afternoon by ripping it off my head the minute we got back to our house (before I even got in the door). Granted I have a very sensitive scalp but I have to figure out a way to line the wig before I wear the wig again at Costume College.

Stay tuned for more jacket and habit shirt construction details!

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