1786 Cream Wool Redigote

A striped cream wool redigote, inspired by a 1786 portrait of Susannah (Miller) Lee Acton by George Romney.


Inspiration & Resources

Useful Books & Links Kendra’s Marie Antoinette Redigote dress diary
Katherine’s 1780s Redigote Tutorial
The LACMA Pattern Project – Woman’s Dress (Redigote) c. 1790

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1786 Cream Wool Redingote

1786 Cream Wool Redingote - Inspiration and Construction

Several years ago, I saw a portrait by George Romney at The Huntington Library and Gardens, and I immediately knew I had to reproduce it one day. The sitter, Susannah (Miller) Lee Acton, is wearing a cream redingote with wide lapels and huge capes. She has a large gauzy cap and fichu, and her waist is accentuated by an aqua silk sash that matches the ribbons decorating her cap. How could I not instantly fall in love?